Tuesday, April 5, 2011

randomness- more of our everyday

Lately...... . She is getting ready to turn 8. EIGHT. My little girl. I am so thrilled with how she is growing up all of the sudden. She is so sincere and teachable. We have been talking all about getting baptised soon and she is so excited. Eight is such an important age. We are also a little closer to having "The Talk" with her and to be honest I am not that excited. I like to think that she will live in this house forever, walking around in her pink flowered jammies singing at the top of her lungs and always thinking that boys are gross and have cuties. He is taking small steps to go from the couch to the table or chair. He loves to dance when mama blasts the music everyday. He may never fall asleep on his own at the rate he is going. He is Mr. Smiles all day long and can say Uh-oh and Caca (which is poop in Spanish...but I have also been told it is a little worse than poop so we may have taught him a swear word:) She still likes to run around the house without her shirt on and refuses to sleep in anything but just her skivvies. I have to almost bribe her to put on clothes so we can go to the park or the kids museum. She would have NO problem just being au' natural. She cut a nice chunk out of her hair a few weeks ago and when I asked her what happened she said "Connor did it." An answer she gives me often....even when Connor is at school. He is eating like a horse. This kid can eat and eat and EAT. And then want a snack. He is my best eater when it comes to trying new food. He loves shrimp, spinach, grapefruit and anything he sees his Dad eating because he wants to do be just like him. He can not sit still and has more energy than any of us will ever dream to have....he is his Grandpa Bud's boy. The Mrs. is on an organizing kick and wants to label and sort everything. She is endlessly teaching little bums to only use small amounts of T.P. and to flush every time...to no avail. (picture c/o Macie) The Mr. is in the beginning of Track season and calls home everyday to check on us because he misses his little family. He is such a fabulous daddy and a good toilet un-clogger. We are planning a big trip for our family and can hardly contain our excitement. We can't keep the house clean for more than 4 hours and sometimes we all sit down and play the Wii right in the middle of the chaos. We have a birthday party EVERY weekend in June this year and are having fun planning the themes for each one...(not a topic the Mr. likes to talk about) We have spent a lot of time with family lately and have been able to play outside everyday after school this week. Spring has sprung!

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Kara said...

Jaime, you are looking so good! I also tire of finding unflushed toilets all day... but I guess that we are conserving water :)