Tuesday, July 12, 2011

party like it's your birthday....


I'm 31 people!!

Holy old.

A few days before my actual birthday, Scotty surprised me by handing me a hotel conformation number in Medford and said your mom and sister are gonna be here in 20 minutes...go get your shoes on.

I was totally surprised and so excited. A much needed break with my girls. He even packed me a bag, and got a Bunko sub for that night for me. He thought of everything.

I love this man so much.

I was super spoiled. We ate at amazing restaurants, caught a great chick flick, jumped on the bed in our hotel, A LOT!
Tried to get Julie to go into labor,
Tried out some Michael Jackson moves,
did a little light reading,
and relaxed our pastie bodies by the pool.
Is that the cutest baby bump you have ever seen?


The best part...I slept in till 9:00!!! -unheard of-


Brooke Smith said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! :)

The Constantines said...

You girls are so stinkin' cute! How fun!

meg baker said...

Oh I love you Jaime! Happy Birthday. I happen to mention to Tad what a fun birthday present your husband did for you. Cleaver! One hot mama at the pool. And yes, Julie's bump is adorable.

Emily K. said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the world of 31! Not so old. What a great idea from your wonderful hubby!

Aunt Patty said...

So you think 31 is old huh????How old does that make me?????? Ya, OLD!!!!! Love these pics of you and Julie!!! You girls are nuts!!! How much fun was that??