Thursday, September 12, 2013

Connor's Baptism

Connor was baptized on July 13th 2013. We were able to move it back a week so that we could do it when all the Olsen's were here for a family reunion. It went amazing!

 We asked his Aunt Niki to give a talk on Baptism and his Uncle Jeremy to give one on the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Olsen and Grandpa Mortenson said prayers and Grandma Pam played the piano. Most of his cousins and his sisters sang a song for everyone and Aunt Anne accompanied them on the piano.
They all did such an amazing job and really brought the spirit.
We are so proud of Connor. He really is an amazing kid and has such a sweet testimony.
 He tries so hard to be like a missionary.
On his baptism day he was given his own engraved set of scriptures from a Great Grandma (Nana) and a special tie tack from another Great Grandma (GiGi) and he treasures both.
He felt so loved and special.
In fact, Connor isn't a very emotional boy and rarely shares his emotions with others, but when he came out of the water and I was helping him get dressed I asked him what he was thinking and he said he just felt so warm. He mentioned it several times after that that evening.
We were so lucky to have Connor's friends come to support him and such a large group of family.
In true Connor style (he hates taking pictures) he made this face in EVERY group picture we took. I had no clue until I uploaded them all. grrrr
And this last picture I just love and had to put in.

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