Thursday, September 12, 2013

First half of our Summer 13'

We did so much this summer that I didn't blog at ALL! 
 So I am trying to get caught up on the pictures and details of some of the fun things we have been up to the last few months.
 (mostly for the far away family so major picture overload)
We lived at the lake this summer! Lots of friend, lots of fun, LOTS of swimming. 

This year was a friend birthday party year for our kids so all of May/June was a celebration every weekend.

We wore out our trampoline this summer. They kids were on it every day and most nights as well.

Ellie and I took a trip to California to see Uncle Garrett graduate college. It was a blast and such a fun girls trip for Ellie and I.
Ellie got to learn how to really scuba dive. She's a natural and Grandma Lynnie was thrilled about that.

We had an amazing Olsen family reunion and even got to have a girl cousin sleepover one night.

For my birthday a bunch of my friends and I went up to the lake and they surprised me with yummy treats. I kinda LOVE them.

Macie got to meet up with Grandma while she was on a dive rescue. She was more interested in pulling water skippers out of the lake and letting them jump around.
Forth of July parade was short and sweet but always fun.

 Oh yea, and Scott officiated a wedding renewal ceremony. So random.

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