Thursday, September 12, 2013

The last of our Summer 13'

 This last part kinda goes backwards.
We actually just got back last weekend from our last trip to the coast this summer. We went on a camping trip with 3 other couples and their families to Sunset Bay. And of course I forgot our nice camera and we had no outlets so I have this one phone picture from the whole thing.
Ellie and Connor got to help work in the Dough Boy at the fair this year. It was "the best thing they did all summer." :)

Our good friends the Coffman's have a cabin up at Lake of the Woods and we love going up there and playing on their boat and tubes. We have so much fun with them. Always relaxing.

Just like every Summer, we soak up every minute we have with Daddy! I remember how truly blessed our little family is to have him home with us in the summers.
We got a pet. A quiena pig. Her name is Piper and they are all smitten.
Scott was in the community play of Les Miserables this summer. He loved the opportunity and he of course loves that play. It was actually a pretty amazing performance full of amazing local talent. We are so proud of him.

Connor started cub scouts and he loves it. Me, not so much...but we have a super gung ho Grandma who wants to help him get everything passed off so were good.

We went to our first Gems game this summer. They are our local baseball team and we had a blast. Connor even got to go out on the field and play a little game and he WON! 
Sawyer had fun too after he got over his paralyzing fear of "Tater" their lovable French fry mascot.

The worst part of our summer was that Auntie Julie, Uncle Jeremy and all our cousins moved away from Klamath Falls. On the up side, they moved to Bend (2 hours away) and it is probably one of the coolest towns in Oregon. We love to visit them and see all different parts of Bend.

These pictures are of an amazing water area right next to Julies house and one of our favorite parks there.
Scott is super amazing and ran an Olympic Triathlon!! He did really well on the swim (which was first) and started really well on the bike right after, but sadly blew a tire 6 miles in and since it was his first Tri he didn't have a repair kit.
 So instead of giving up, he just kept going and biked 19 miles on a popped tire. He was sad that it added an extra 45 minutes to his time but glad that he didn't quit.

More lake time.....

We are so sad to see it go but so happy it was such a good and memorable summer.

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