Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall festivities

Its Fall (and snowing) so we have been busy with fun Autumn/Halloween activities. We've tried to cram them all in before Winter sneaks up on us.

We, ...well I should say "I", had grandiose plans for Halloween costumes this year and I failed miserably. Extra time to do projects seems a distant memory to me.

So our "go to" costumes it is! We had a family of pirates to take down to Scarecrow Row this year. It was a little chilly with the wind but we stayed warm with hot cocoa.
We walked in the parade and got to be right in front of these guys:

Connor was a little scared of that group for the whole parade....but finally got brave enough to give knuckles to a Trooper. The Chewbacka was very impressive I might add.

As soon as October 1st hits the calendar I go Halloween crazy. It is my second favorite Holiday.We put up our decorations and the kids helped make a delish' carrot cake and got to slather it with 2 different kinds of frosting and spooky sprinkles.

Then on Monday, my amazing friend Sara invited several families over to her backyard for a mini harvest carnival.

Her and her hubby set up different stations in their huge yard for kids to rotate through and play fun games.

They had a big bon fire, hot cocoa, treats and hey rides for kids. So much fun.

We had to tear Ellie away from the cricket races and Connor from the doughnuts when it was time to go.

We still have 2 class parties this week and a school carnival next week. Lots of fun and LOTS of candy= lots of teeth brushing!


Laura said...

Ewwww....the older I get the more I hate halloween! I am definitely turning into the halloween version of Scrooge. Your kids are lucky to have a mom that likes it. I can't believe those are your go to costumes. I am unworthy!

GiGi said...

Jaime: I think their costumes are darling - no apologies needed. Loved the pictures.

AuntieJan said...

I can't believe those great costumes...they make your clown costumes look pretty sad, and we were pretty proud of those! Where did you get that talent????? Johnny Depp would be jealous!!!