Thursday, October 14, 2010

pumpkin patch

I got to go with Connor on a Field Trip to a local Pumpkin Patch. It was so fun!! It was my first time going with one of my kids on this field trip because I was preggo and puking last year when Ellie got to go.
I wasn't sure how Connor would act with me there. I thought he might want to be with his friends instead, but the minute we got on the bus he put his hands out on the seat so that nobody could sit next to him but me. And he held my hand the whole way there. Yep....teared up a bit.

What a fun farm they had. You would have thought they had never seen a pumpkin in their lives. The bus doors opened and the kids flew out.

Connor was careful in his choosing and picked a white one, my favorite kind.

After they picked their pumpkin they played in the corn field and then sat on a hey bail maze to listen to Mrs. C tell all about her farm and how the pumpkins were planted and grown.

They were all given a treat and then it was time to head back. I'll tell ya, after spending 2 hours with 30 five year old's I felt like I had wrangled chickens ALL day. But we had fun and I am one proud mama!


GiGi said...

Jaime: I need more snapshots of Connor for my album. I have lots of Ellie, Macie and Sawyer (thanks to Julie) but hardly any of Connor. These are particularly good ones of him. Hint, hint!!!

Boyters said...

I love it. He is so sweet. I wish our school went on field trips