Sunday, October 3, 2010

lunch lady land

I forgot how boring the lunch packing routine for school gets. I am SO NOT CREATIVE when it comes to food and my kids have the same old same old pretty much every lunch I make. They practically beg me if they can have school lunch...sad.
But a while back I came across
and it is my new addiction. Look how fun these lunches are.

I love the muffin tin lunches for Macie, it seems she Never wants to eat lately but put her food in little metal holes and she's all over it!

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Sam said...

I saw at one point a big board that had all the different parts of lunch listed: main, fruit, vegetable, dessert, drink, etc. These were written down one side of the board and then across the top were the days of the week. Each Sunday night (or saturday or whatever) all of the people getting lunch would select one part of lunch for the week. For example, Macie would be in charge of picking sandwiches for the week and you would have a pre-selected list of sandwiches to choose from, so she could choose tuna sandwiches all week. Connor could pick apples and grapes for fruit, etc. That way they each get to pick something and takes most of the hard work out of it for you. Just an idea :)