Wednesday, October 6, 2010

missing kid feeling and new milestones

I have talked to many women about the feeling you sometimes get when you know there is still a baby or babies waiting to join your family. I have had that feeling in the past. After I had Connor I would find myself looking around for that "other person" or think for just a second that we had to be quiet because that "other baby" was sleeping and even feeling like I was missing someone after putting all the kids in the car.
So after Scott and I decided that Sawyer was the one who was completing our family I was TERRIFIED that I would get that feeling and always wonder. But in the last 4 months I have learned the power of trusting the answers I receive and having faith. I will admit I have had some of these "missing child feelings" but they are very different than before, in that I feel like I am just looking for the kids I already have. I feel like I am just keeping track. Still counting kids in the car, but only up to 4.
I feel so comfortable with my little family and I really think that I am loving every stage of each of their lives right now.

*Ellie is really trying to be a more friendly person at school and branching out to make new friends. She has really liked taking on the Big Sister at School role for Connor and they seem to play so much better with each other lately.
*Connor is opening up and this new little personality is emerging. A little less shy and a lot more energy. He is so sweet to his little brother and Loves to do his chores and help me cook.
*Macie, although a little more prone to mini fits over silly little things since school started, is really growing up. She has a new love for playing house with me (she is my mother-not mom, mother- and I am her daughter Kira) and is such a funny little girl. She cracks me up all day long.
*Sawyer is rolley polley, smiley and Slobbery!! Some new milestones for him are: He has recently discovered his toes and apparently they must taste like bacon or chocolate chips because they are always being pulled into his mouth.

He learned how to roll from his tummy to his back and vice versa.

And gives the best lick/kisses you have ever gotten.


Boyters said...

I understand that thing where I think I need to count five kids instead of glad you have your is still unanswered in our house.

GiGi said...

Jaime: So sweet. You have a beautiful family - you have been very blessed. Love you all.

Kara said...

I am hoping that I get that feeling after this next baby. We shall see!

Rachel Garcia said...

AWWW.. That Sawyer is a cutie batootie. Those kisses are the best and you know I went for years counting and would always feel we were missing one and look who came along....Lil miss Lila. It is amazing how we know...;)

auntie Patty said...

you are a lucky girl Jaime!!!!