Saturday, June 11, 2011

crazy 8

My firstborn is EIGHT!

This girl is becoming a young lady right before our eyes. We are proud of her and how she is growing up.

At eight, Ellie is obsessed with reading. She tries to get bigger, thicker books every time she checks out a new one. She is still a picky eater and has learned that if she doesn't like what was made that night, she can make herself a bowl of oatmeal or a PB&J and she feels pretty grown up. Ellie loves to draw, loves to play outside for hours and will answer almost every question I ask her in song form. (She even sings her spelling words)

Ellie asked for a pool party this year because she is a fish in the summer. One of her favorite things to do is swim. I have really noticed how helpful she is around the house lately and wow is she a great helper with her little brother and sister!

We love you so much ELLIE!!

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