Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ellie's Baptism

Ellie was baptised the day after she turned 8.

She was the only child being baptised on that day so we got to focus on making it a little more about her and our family.

Ellie asked for yummy treats and little bit of we did both. This picture is before all the yummy treats and refreshments were put out but her favorite part were the paper flowers I made. She wanted to give one to everyone who came.

Ellie was lucky and got both of her grandpa's to give wonderful talks and and her Dad to baptize and confirm her. Her Auntie Kara and Auntie Julie gave beautiful prayers and Aunt Anne played beautiful music for everyone and it was led by her Grandma Pam.

Ellies cousins and friends sang a sweet song for her and she was pleased as punch about that!

We have a bunch of traditions in our family that Ellie is now old enough to take part in. First, in Scott's family, when a grandchild turns eight Grandpa Bud gives them a nice State Quarter collector and they take a trip to the bank to get quarters and see how many they can get. This is such a fun collection she now gets to do with her Grandpa.
Ellie's Great Grandma Mortenson (Nana) gets all of her great grandchildren their own triple combination scriptures with there name on them. Ellie is just in love with hers and truly treasures them. Also, her other Great Grandma Casey (GiGi) got her some wonderful things to prepare her for her big day including 2 fantastic books that were perfect.

Next, in our family when you are baptised you receive a halo of fresh flowers to wear after. For Ellie we went with a fresh flower tiara/headband. It smelled so good and even had little sparkly crystals.

She wore dangley earrings for the first time, a little heal on her church shoes for the first time and some fancy jewelry. Her bracelet was handmade by her Grandma Lynnie and was so stinkin' cute and thoughtful.



She was just beautiful in her pretty white dress!




We were so glad to have as much family there as we did.

We are so proud of her decision and love her so much.

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Amber said...

Dang! I can't believe how much time has passed. I remember when she was born, and it doesn't seem like it could've been eight years ago already. What awesome parents you and Scott are, and what great family you have, on both sides!