Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby next week!

This pregnancy has gone by so fast!

And we are all ready RIGHT NOW to meet this little guy. I have to say that I have had it quite a bit different this time around. I mean, I hear about all of these women in their 40's getting preggo right now and I don't know how they are doing it. They must have amazing amazon bodies because I feel like with this fourth pregnancy I am falling APART!

For example, I have never had such aching in my hips and it takes me at least 5 min. to get out of bed every morning. (you should hear the noises)

Also, this pregnancy I am anemic. I didn't even really know what that was till now, and I am on a strict order to take my iron pills daily.

I just found out at my last appt. that my blood platelets are low and that I have to take steroid pills, starting tomorrow (that p.s. will make me a total B*#@%) until they can get my levels up. Oh yeah... and if they can't get my platelet levels up.... they won't give me an EPIDURAL!!
I know all you "she women" out there that did it naturally are saying, so what. But that's not how I roll! I want to enjoy my last delivery. I am freaking out here!!

Last but not least, I have a big dark spot that I am now seeing out of the corner of my left eye that I have yet to get checked out. Yikes!

So all in all I feel like I am one prescription drug away from sucking dinner from a straw while watching the Lawerance Welk show from the comfort of my Hover Round chair.
Has anyone else felt 90 years old on their last pregnancy?

On the flip side, I am glad to be healthy and have the last member of our family coming to meet us in 6 days. I am almost dilated to a 3 and my tummy dropped about 2 weeks ago.

We are praying for a healthy boy and a speedy delivery!


Olsen Family said...

I used to think the same way that i would die without one. They tried three times with me and now I have permanant nerve damage in my back. It wasn't too bad doing it natural. Just dont tense up and the baby will pop right out:)Good luck with everything, you will do great.

Nicole said...

Oh Jaime!! I am feelin' for ya. My last pregnancy seemed a lot rougher too. Probably also due to the fact that I moved TWICE during it all. Oh, and I would also be FREAKING out about the possibility of NO epidural!! get those platelets up sister! good luck with everything I can't wait to see pictures.

GiGi said...

Looks like Sawyer is going to be at least a 10 pounder! Prayers are with you for an epidural happy delivery and a healthy baby boy. Love you.

suzanne said...

Had an epidural been available to me I would certainly have gone that route! I remember seeing Summer sleep thru her horrid contractions and thinking how wonderful that would have been. Good luck with everything - I'll come sing to you in the nursing home...........

Norm and Melissa Scown said...

Jamie I cant imagine going with out the epidural. I was also anemic and the Iron pills are really gross! I think I started to fall apart 2nd trimester thats when I found out that I was anemic and had gestational diabetes. I have only had one baby I dont know how you can handle more lol. So what is you delivery date?

Auntie Patty said...

Geeeeeeez Jaime!! Hurry up and have this guy!! No epidural?? You will be fine........Grandma mentioned Sawyer,is it back to that name?? Yeah! Good luck and I cannot wait to see pictures!! I love you!!!

Amber said...

Holy cow Jaime, I didn't even have a clue that you were expecting! I see on Facebook that he's arrived. Congratulations!

I'm going to be coming to KF in the next while and would love to see you and your family and your parents (and obviously, I'd LOVE to hold the little one).