Monday, May 17, 2010

Say What?

Yesterday Macie took my hand and let me all over the house talking to her self under her breath and we finally ended up in my bathroom. She pulled the shower curtain back and looked up at me while pointing to the drain.
Macie- "Look Mommy"
Me- "What am I looking at Macie?"
Macie- "It's the circle..."
Me- Puzzled look? "Yep"
Macie- With a very serious face... " The circle. The circle of Life"
I am really cracking down on my kids and their chores. Today they wanted to go to the dollar store and pick something. I told them they had to do their chores in order to earn the money.
Connor asked me if watching a movie was a chore. I said no. Then he asked if playing his leapster was a chore. I said no. Then I hear him go in the other room and ask Ellie what he could do for a chore. She said " You could clean your room or your toys."
Connor then asked "What are you doing for a dollar?"
Ellie answers " I am waiting for GiGi (her great grandma) to send me a card."
hummm...Looks like we need to have a lesson on chores at our house.


GiGi said...

That's priceless!!! GiGi will be sure to include $l.00 with her next card. Love you Ellie.

Sara said...

Too cute! I need to send you my chore chart magic!!!

Josh and Jena said...

Haha. That is hilarious.

meg baker said...

Children are genius'. I love their little creative brains.