Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fancy and Strong... all in one day.

Last Saturday was a busy day for all of us Olsen's.
I spent a day or two the week before making Eye Spy Bags for a Rummage/Craft sale for Ellie's school. I rented a craft table with 3 other talented friends and we spent all morning chatting in a hot gym with one another. That's about it! None the less it was fun and I was in good company.
While I was at the Craft sale, Scott got the kids ready and when I got home it was off to our local Borders Book store to meet 5 super hero's and Fancy Nancy.
It was a real treat for Connor to get to meet Spiderman and Superman. He put on all of his Superman gear (including his Superman piggy bank, hehe) and walked around getting signatures.
Sadly this is the best pic I got of Connor with Superman. Mind you, our little town isn't cool enough to have a normal sized Borders so we have a mini one and I have never seen it so PACKED!! I was lucky to get any pictures at all.
And Fancy Nancy is one of Ellie's favorite books so it was fun to get to meet her and take a picture. Even if she was a scantily clad 15 year old :)

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mom/Anne said...

Looks like tons of fun! Good luck with your delivery. If you are already to 3, perhaps you shouldn't sneeze or cough unless you are in the Sky Lakes' parking lot!